Saturday, June 6, 2015

Call her...Dr. Woodburn

On May 18 Kate -- along with 120 or so of her classmates -- graduated from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine and officially became a doctor.  But before we talk about that, let's back up a bit to March.  

Lori and Kate before leaving for the Match Day Ceremony.  
March 20 was Match Day, where med students across the nation learned where they would be spending the next 3-4 years of their life as residents.  It's a little like sorority rush, where the students submit their top school choices and the schools submit their top student choices.   All that data is loaded into a huge algorithm and out pops the answers.  I'm sure this generates all kinds of questions in your mind, such as "what happens if a student doesn't match?" or ""do all students get into a residency program?".  If you want the answers to those and other questions, talk to Kate.  

The letter in hand.  But she had to wait for all the students to open their letter at the same time.  
She looks a lot calmer than I would be.  
And the answer was.......Cleveland Clinic.  She was (and still is) thrilled.  
Kate and her friend, Jess, at Match Day.  Jess boarded foster cats during med school, providing Kate with a great distraction from her studies.  

Everyone always takes "first day of school" pictures.  This is Kate on her last day of school...ever!  No wonder she looks so happy.   She went to school for 20 years.  Bill Clinton was half way through his first term when she began kindergarten.  Movie of the year -- Forrest Gump.  

The week before graduation Kate received an award from the Ob/Gyn faculty.  They jumped the gun and put "M.D." after her name.  

Got it!

At the graduation ceremony the students are "hooded".  No, they don't become dementors.  The hood is the shawl-like cloth that is draped over their shoulders as part of the ceremony.  Rutgers graduates wore the normal mortar board hats.  Kate was hoping she'd get to wear the floppy hats.

The night before graduation we all went to dinner at our favorite New Brunswick restaurant.  

Kate had lots of fans to help her celebrate -- Joan, Ray & Carol, Doug's parents Dave & Debbie and us.  

Kate and Grant four years earlier at her White Coat Ceremony.  

Are those the same flowers from the White Coat Ceremony?  

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