Monday, April 27, 2015

The Close Shaves Go Semi-Pro

Today was King's Day in The Netherlands -- a day started many years ago to celebrate the birthday of the reigning Monarch.  It has evolved into a great holiday.  Traditions include wearing orange clothing, kids setting up "stands" to sell their old toys & junk and general partying by all.
This is the view of our village's shopping street.  Both sides are lined with kids selling their treasures.  

Grant's Barbershop Quartet, The Close Shaves, took advantage of the opportunity to perform, and more important, to try and get some money in return.  They've got a set of about 10 songs and they went through that 2-3 times.  Their location wasn't ideal (most people get to the street around 8 or 9 to get the best spots) but they had steady listeners.  In the end the take was around 60 euros -- not bad for a beginning group.   Like most start-ups very little of the money made it home; it was immediately invested in lunch.

75% of the group warmed up at our house.  

Note that all members are appropriately attired in orange. 

For you Jersey Boys fans -- "four guys under a lamp post signing somebody else's songs"