Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dutch Bike Trails

Yesterday I rode my bike into Den Haag for some shopping.  It's about an 8 km ride and 70-80% of it is on bike trails through the woods.  It was a sunny spring day and the trees are finally green so I took some photos to share how nice the Dutch bike trails are.  It explains why so many Dutch cycle.

In case you were wondering there are about 32,000 km of dedicated bike trails in The Netherlands.   Considering that the entire country is about 200 x 300 km the Dutch have got things pretty well covered with trails.   There are on-line route planners and GPS's for bikes.  All the trails don't look like the ones below.   Some are smooth asphalt through the country.  Some are bumpy pavers.  Others include a 1 million euro tunnel underneath a freeway.

So this is where they got the idea for Oreos