Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Anniversary Don & Joan

Lori's parents, Don and Joan celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past summer.   They were married in June 1953 in Prairie City -- Joan taught school and Don was a local farmer.

During their marriage they have lived in Prairie City, Ames (Pammel Court for those of you ISU grads who remember the post WWII "temporary" housing that lasted for 40+ years), Mason City (also known as River City thanks to it's most famous resident, Meredith Wilson, creator of the Music Man) and now Des Moines (birthplace of Bill Bryson, one of the author's favorite authors).

The family, which now includes 5 kids, 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and a host of in-laws  got together for a weekend in July.

The mirror in this photo allows a simultaneous front and back shot of Doug's head to verify how much hair he really has.  

Don, Joan and Grandkids

One final note on the trip to Des Moines.  We always check out the local restaurant scene in towns that we visit.  One of the highly rated Des Moines stops on Trip Advisor was Tasty Taco, a local, family run group of about 4-5 restaurants.  Since we suffer from a severe shortage (as in zero) of good Mexican food restaurants, it seemed like the place to go.  Unfortunately, we went on a Sunday ---- Closed!

Grant & I left the next morning for my Mom's home in Illinois; Lori stayed behind to work from her parent's home.  She went to Tasty Taco that day.  It was so good, she went again later in the week.  Looks like the Trip Advisor folks were right, we'll put it on the list for the next anniversary party.  

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