Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Graber

Graber celebrated his third birthday in October.  He continues to be a great dog who is always happy to be with us or any other person who happens to be around.  He loves people.  Grant worked with him this summer so that he is pretty good at catching a frisbee.  Unfortunately, his physical development continues to far exceed his mental maturity.   Our little seven pound cats who don't even have claws  can chase him down the hall and stairs when he invades their room.  Then he goes right back upstairs to do it again because it's so fun.

Since he always destroys any soft or squeaky toys in about 5 minutes, the list of potential presents was quite limited.  Lori brought him some dog treats, including a bone shaped cookie that said happy birthday.  My gift was a spa treatment.  He thought that sounded great until he realized it was just a fancy name for taking a bath.  Then he put on his normal response of refusing to go upstairs.  Lori and Grant had to fireman carry him up and put him in the tub.

Happy Birthday Graber!

Waiting patiently for his birthday bone cookie.....

....Which he immediately takes to the foyer rug -- the standard spot to eat all treats.  

Lori and Grant carrying a reluctant Graber to his spa treatment.  

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