Monday, February 6, 2012


We are in the midst of a strong cold snap with the weather expected to stay below freezing for another week or so.  We also had about 2-3" of snow on Friday so we are getting an official winter.  Skating is in full swing throughout Holland, although the snow reduced the quality of the ice.  All the local ponds were full of kids on skates all weekend.  Still no word on whether the 11 city race will be held or not.  The ice must be 15 cm (6 inches) thick to hold the expected crowds.

Philip, Grant and Graber
The little canal behind our home froze solid -- at least solid enough that we only heard minor cracks.  Grant and his friend, Philip, cleared off a skating area.  Unfortunately, Lori was the only one with skates.  The rest of us had to be content sliding around on our boots.  Graber loves the snow and ice, especially when we throw his tennis ball or the hockey puck.  The only problem is that they get too cold to hold in his mouth, so he can't carry them back to us.  As you can see in the video's below, it didn't take him long to learn that it's easier to run on the snow than the cleared ice.

Graber and his favorite outside toy, tennis ball

Grant and Philip found this frog on the ice.  I guess he didn't hear the weather forecast.  

Tai Tai snuggled up in Lori's sweater to keep warm.

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