Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Name -- Same Great Quality

The time has come to retitle this blog.  As a title, Wassenaar Living was easy to create and provided a good title for my first posting at a time when I wasn't sure if there would be a second posting.  Now that I'm entering my second year of publishing the name seems a little too boring and underwhelming for the informative, cutting-edge writing provided here.  We needed a new title -- but there was no budget for a media consultant.  So we settled for a naming contest. 

I came up with Dutch Treat, which ties in well with our new location.  But it doesn't truthfully portray how this blog works because, unfortunately, none of you pay anything to read it so there is no sharing involved.   

Lori did much better.  Her nomination of Dutch Letters is a name that provides readers with an enjoyable double meaning.  The first is obvious and reflects the intent of this blog -- letters home to stay connected with family and friends.  But the Sinterklaas posting in December 2010 and the recent posting on the trip to Jaarsma's Bakery also introduced readers to Dutch Letters  -- the delicious baked pastry filled with almond paste.    And what could be better than a title that reflects something I love to eat.

There is no need to make changes to your computer to continue reading; the webaddress remains the same.  And we are always willing to consider additional nominations for a new name.  Unfortunately, the financial status of this blog precludes any monetary prizes, but worthy submissions will be prominently mentioned in future postings. 

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